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Knowledge is power. We collect, analyze and interpret data so that YOU can make informed decisions regarding the next blog post, news article or even a youtube video. SEOSurge sifts through vast amounts of data so that you can know which topics are viral at the moment and dominating the world wide web!


SEOSurge is a plugin made to help you create better content to grow your website. The plugin will connect to our api and provide you with up to 20 keywords, their weight, the website which gets the best out of those keywords in a table. The data is being updated every hour.

Let’s say it’s 18th of May 2024. You run a sports news websites or a personal blog. You are going to publish a new blog post about basketball team. Now, did you know that “pga 2024, Tiger Woods” keywords was peaking at around 2,000,000+ search across all the main search engines within USA boundaries? Wouldn’t it be better to post “Tiger Woods was great at…” title with “pga 2024” tag as a keyword rather than some vague basketball post? People want to read about Tiger Woods and pga 2024 but you are writing about New York Knicks!

SEOSurge helps you with finding the right path in a jungle we call internet. The rest is up to your creativity!

For technical SEO (meta tags) and content analysis try our free check up tool at our main page!

Can I donate?

Ethereum mainnet address: 0x83900Fe8074b9343ABb39dA0C65Bf8a95DE550C2

Where can I download the plugin?

At the repo

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